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31. Flowers
31. Flowers
A little blond haired girl sat quietly in the back of her school classroom while the teacher began showing all her students how to add numbers together. Her frame was thin, almost sickly looking, her hair was slightly tangled and greasy and her clothes were wrinkled and dirty and smelt strongly of cigarette smoke along with whatever else.
The girl had her hands clasped tightly together in her lap with her head bowed down. It was almost as if she was trying to appear invisible to the rest of the world however, she failed. "Heidi," her teacher said softly while walking up to the girl, "your not falling asleep again are you?" The little girl shook her head then looked up slowly but made sure to avoided eye contact. "No," her voice came out in a quiet little squeak before bowing her head once again. The teacher flashed a tiny but worried little smile as she patted Heidi's shoulder and returned to the front of the class.
Later the lunch bell rang and soon most of the class lined
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10. Number 10
Beep.. beep.. beep.. beep.
The sound of the alarm going off filled their ears until a rather large hand came out from underneath the 400 thread count sheets and hit the snooze button. A low groan then escaped as the figure turned over and wrapped it's arm around the pregnant woman beside him.
"Is it six thirty already?" a delicate voice asked as she too turned towards him. "Mmhm..," was all that escaped his lips as he nuzzled his face against her neck. They stayed there like that for another five minutes until the beeping of the alarm started going off again. "We'd better get up," she sighed then slipped out from under the blankets and sheets before putting on her robe, tying it securely around her protruding waist, and then left the room.
Upon entering the kitchen she pressed the little red on button to the coffee maker before turning back around and headedstraight to another room located on the other side of the house. "Rise and shine little one," she spoke softly after entering the
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